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I regularly write about a range of healthcare topics, including specific diseases, cutting-edge research, and the latest in medical equipment. I provide copywriting services (newsletters, brochures, adverts, web, etc.) for private companies manufacturing healthcare and medical equipment. I also write news articles about the fascinating medical research happening in both the US and Europe.

Topics covered: radiology, 3D printing and AR in medicine, diabetes, COVID-19, breast cancer, nutrition, PPE, spine injuries, epilepsy, prosthetic devices – to name only a few.

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I have a long-standing working relationship with the European Union and, more specifically, the European Commission. In this capacity, I have worked on a variety of framework projects, including as a journalist for the Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS). In this role, I have researched and reported on a wide range of healthcare topics, from the COVID-19 pandemic to cancer research, finding a cure for HIV and ASL, new ways of treating diabetes, and providing better access to healthcare in rural and developing parts of the world.


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I am a regular contributor to RSNA News and the RSNA Daily Bulletin, a role that sees me interviewing radiologists and reviewing scientific papers to draft articles and related content for this member-based association. I also attend the annual meeting and congress, where I serve as part of the editorial team that provides live coverage of the event. This includes conducting video interviews and writing articles for a daily print newspaper and online bulletin.



I draft and edit news items and articles for the company's EMEA regional internal newsletters and communications, along with providing ad hoc content support on brochures, adverts, advertorials, etc.



I prepare copy for product brochures and presentations, with a focus on pain management and chronic care.



I provided content and editorial support on a campaign to raise awareness about the company's new standard for clinical trials.

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