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In short, I help my clients communicate better. 

I do this primarily via writing and editing, including web content, white papers, brochures, articles, thought leadership and social media campaigns. I’m also able to assist with the strategy and public relations part of the equation.   

With over 10 years of experience, I’ve pretty much written about everything. Car brakes? Check. Pharmaceuticals, yep. A bakery in Armenia? You betcha. I even wrote a speech for a Belgian Prime Minister and edited the CV for the future King of Belgium. 

That being said, my work tends to fall into the following categories:

  • Aerospace (business aviation, rotorcraft, GNSS, satellite navigation and drones)

  • Science (R&D, technology, innovation, healthcare, biofuels, sustainability and radiology)

  • Government Affairs (European Commission, EU Agencies, NGOs and industry associations )

  • Industry (pulp and paper, stainless steel, alloys, satellite communications)

My portfolio of international clients includes:

  • Communication Agencies (Tipik, GOPA, ESN and Liberty Communications)

  • Companies & Organizations (Halyard Health, International Paper, Aperam, RSNA, AirMap, Trimble)

  • Government (European Commission, European Publications Office, European GNSS Agency)

  • Trade Publications (Aviation International News, BART International, FlyCorporate)

Nick Klenske Copywriting – Words that Matter. Contact me to learn more!

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